very smart stick

LB picked-up a surprise for me at Sur la Table: Cuisinart’s SmartStick. While making a potato soup last winter, I mentioned it would be nice to have an immersion blender. I pureed said soup in a counter-top blender – a messy affair involving pouring hot soup from pot to blender + multiple containers of soup covering the counters. Solution = the stick — in Hokie orange, natch.

But, it’s spring now and i’m not drawn to soup.

Inspired by the stick’s recipe booklet, I’ve made fresh fruit smoothies. So good and so easy. My Loves are hooked.

Also have tried my hand at margaritas. Wow. These are just the best frozen ritas around. No ice – only frozen fruit to make it slushy – results in an easy-to-drink smooth treat with no ice chunks. The perfect consistency. There’s no yucky syrupy fake-rita mix invited to this party. These are practically health drinks!

Here are the details so you can make one for yourself: about 1 cup frozen fruit (i’ve used peaches, cherries + blueberries), ~1 cup OJ, 1/2 cup good tequila, 1 TBSP triple sec. That’s it.

Two edits I made to the recipe in the book: i upped the tequila from 1/3 to 1/2 cup (surprise!) and I don’t add sugar (they suggested using 1 tsp).

Don’t let its cute appearance fool you -this little machine is powerful. Can’t wait to use it for sauces, dressings, and maybe a gazpacho this summer. Hot soup will have to wait til fall.

One Response to “very smart stick”

  1. El Bee Says:

    You need to whip it. Whip it good.

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