making amends to grandma.

i have a griswold cast iron skillet that belonged to my grandmother. look what i let happen to it:not cool. i am going to reclaim it.

after learning about various methods to remove rust and reseason the skillet, i rejected such suggestions as spraying it with oven cleaner (WHAT!?). i decided to use a pumice stone – no chemicals, no detergents, no need to wear gloves. my local ace/pleasants hardware folks were really helpful – a little plug for spending your $ with them, instead of the big 2 in town.

here’s a pic of the product i used (Pumie Scouring Stick) and the skillet, post pumice. i did the deed in the kitchen sink and used water to help it along.

then i rubbed the entire skillet with canola oil (inside + out, top + bottom) and put it in the oven at 300 degrees for 1 hour. it’s upside down with a foil covered tray under it to catch any mess:  i’m going to re-oil it and bake it again tonight.

then, i’m going to use for frying a couple times before i try to make cornbread in it. that should help the seasoning and encourage a nonstick surface.

i don’t do much, if any, frying so this sounds like a good excuse to try it out. if i have to. ha!

i’m thinking fried fish and fried green tomatoes. anyone have suggestions of things to fry?

more to come re: the skillet. including exciting entries about the fully seasoned piece, the results of my research on its history (there are legions of cast iron collectors. i’m going to email a griswold collectors club in the hopes they can ID the markings.), and updates about my attempts to fry.

5 Responses to “making amends to grandma.”

  1. Linda Says:

    I wonder what Grandma made in it!

  2. Mom Says:

    I don’t remember what she fried in it–she liked frying in her electric skillet–it was larger and square, may be why. And she always fried ripe (not green) tomatoes (yum). Also she fried cornmeal mush, which we had for breakfast with butter, and sometimes syrup. Bet you could make great grilled sandwiches in it.

  3. boscodagama Says:

    Oona & I have at least 6 Griswolds. You should keep a sandblasster around. Faster than pumice.

  4. karenchilada Says:

    hmmmm. ok.
    BTW – i almost bought frontera chips at your suggestion but the thin ones were out of stock and they only had lime + sea salt and blue corn ones. So…i couldn’t resist picking-up the Nana’s Cocina strips again. I’ll try again – promise!

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