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in the kitchen…

May 26, 2010

here are some recent events:

baked cod (wild caught, from tuckahoe seafood) – steamed in an LB signature foil packet. topped with diced tomatoes, dijon mustard and thyme. light + summery.

Homemade chocolate chip cookie dough. And cookies too – though the dough was the better snack. Made on a lark when 3 chicas were craving it as a topper to a vino evening. I packaged the leftover dough in wax paper rolls with twisted ends. The rolls made cute gifts.

First trip to The Market at St. Stephen’s. HOLY CRAP. that place is amazing. Some things we purchased: pickled carrots, dill relish, sugar snap peas, swiss chard, strawberries, clams, asparagus, salad greens, fresh garlic, + cheese straws. Everything was so good. Fresh. The best of flavors.

Check out that homegrown (by moi!) oregano in the bottom right of the asparagus photo. Our potted herb garden is doing great – should post some pics soon. Plants include: rosemary, basil, oregano and chives. C loves to smell them.

AAANNNNDDD — the biggest news from my favorite room…we’re installing a backsplash! Here are a couple teaser pics. Love LB is a tilemaster.



shroom sauce

May 5, 2010

my newest creation. i doubled this recipe for a family dinner last night. it served 6 big eaters with a bit left over.

1 pkg. white shrooms, sliced

1 lg yellow onion, chopped

4 cloves garlic, chopped

you don’t have to be too particular about the slicing/chopping because it will all be pureed after cooking. saute all in EVOO, salt & pepper.

in another pan, make a béchamel: melt 2 TBS butter over medium high heat, add 2 TBS flour and whisk until smooth. Turn the heat down and whisk in 1 cup of milk (i use whole milk because that’s what C drinks so i have it around). Cook and stir until it’s a good thickness.

Add the sauteed veggies to the béchamel and immersion blend to combine into a smooth sauce. Add veggie stock if you want to thin it a little. Serve over pasta (i used trader joe’s tagliatelle- LOVE it) cooked in heavily salted water.

{a tip from Ina Garten: add 2 TBS salt to pasta water.}

top with freshly grated parm and chopped chives.

it’s an earthy dish.