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neighborhood gelato spot

April 9, 2010

we have lived in our house for 9 months and it took this long to get to deluca gelato at gayton crossing. actually, i haven’t set foot in the place yet but LB visited tuesday night and brought home 3 flavors: pomegranate sorbet, peanut butter chocolate gelato and expresso gelato. there’s no picking a fav – all are A.MAZ.ING.

LB loved his visit. he saw the master in the back of the shop making each delicious flavor. i want to go in for a taste of their olive oil + sea salt gelato. say what!?

while enjoying all three containers of deluca tastiness, i was thinking about how much better specialty foods are. in an ideal world, i’d rarely go to the grocery. i’d get my gelato at deluca, seafood at tuckahoe seafood, fruits + veggies at the farmers market (or from my CSA – june can’t get here soon enough!!), bread from the bakery, etc…you get the idea.


my favorite RVA restaurants

March 31, 2010

there’s no way this is a complete list but it’s a solid start:

Cafe Gutenberg (brunch), Ipanema (the veggie, basement one), Me Kong (fried rice, rocket shrimp + LSD), Croaker’s Spot (shrimp po boy, cornbread), Akida (spicy tuna roll), Nile (no utensils = great romance),¬†Balliceaux (fried oysters + cocktails), The Hill Cafe (house made potato chips), Savor (grab-n-go breakfast sandwiches + catering), Tarrant’s Cafe (pizza, soups), Mexico on forest hill ave (fast, family, neighbors), Bernies (veggie with peppers + a pibb), Cupertino’s (RVA’s only bagel).


March 30, 2010

It’s in all caps for a reason, people! I love the concept of this thing. A tako truck that serves tofu + kimchi. It’s a spring miracle.

These gents visit my office each wednesday and we all plan our work day around their arrival. Much love to the street food.